3 Nov 2015

8 reasons to wave WordPress goodbye and plumb for ProcessWire.

And, live happily ever after.

WordPress is a good blog system. But as a CMS, it comes with more than its fair share of warts, pimples, freckles and even cancer that you, the client, have to live with. We understand that because we have built sites with WordPress for over 10 years.

If you’re running a large website or e-commerce business on Wordpress, you are likely to run into trouble, sooner rather than later. You end up paying maintenance costs for a system that was never meant to handle your project. In all probability, you got your site done by a WordPress developer who was singing it's paens. Now, you have handle a host of issues.

Have you felt frustrated by these WordPress problems?

  1.  Database failures - too many requests?
  2.  Hackers, and hack bots, from all over the Internet mysteriously taking up residence on your site and causing havoc in your system
  3.  Server lock-downs because of scripts that your host complains about
  4.  Inexplicable slow down of your website
  5.  Scaling issues - 1000s of pages, 100,000 images…that break the site
  6.  Expensive hosting because bloated code needs extra horsepower and extra duct tape
  7.  Expensive customization issues - things need to be tailored to how WordPress works not how you do
  8.  Upgrades causing breaks to the system, theme, ending up with hours of troubleshooting and downtime

You have lived with WordPress and are getting absolutely sick of it.

We know that you are probably used to WordPress, but it’s a bit like saying that you have learned to eat soup with chopsticks. You have not shifted because you are on the world’s most popular CMS. But that’s marketing, not reality. If you are uncomfortable or irritated with working on WordPress, then it’s time to change.

Plumb for ProcessWire and live life.

You need a system which is intuitive to use, simple to manage and works well for what you want it to do. And that could be a blog, a company website, a magazine, a web application, or online store.

  1. You don’t want to update your system every week and run into trouble because you did. Processwire does not update that often. And you don’t have to update  your site if you don’t want to. Heavens won’t fall, nor hell break loose.
  2. You don’t have to live in mortal dread that your website will be hacked, malware infested, locked down by the host, all the time. ProcessWire is secure.
  3. You don’t have to remember a complicated vocabulary of posts, pages, widgets, appearances, etc, and decide which content goes where or comes from where. You will intuitively know that with ProcessWire.
  4. You don’t have to find/ search for custom fields which you know are there, somewhere. In ProcessWire, these things are intuitively obvious and elegant.

You are ready for Processwire CMS. Wave WordPress goodbye.

  1. Processwire is bloody, blazing fast
  2. It scales to your needs
  3. Anyone who knows PHP can customise it, so you don’t have to hunt for expensive resources
  4. It’s easy to work with, for you and for us the developers
  5. It’s super intuitive for administration. Even non-tech folks can operate it.
  6. Does not load you with expensive maintenance costs every month. It’s a build it and forget it, system.

Are you sure you still want to eat soup with chopsticks? 

Or do you want to make life easier. Switch to ProcessWire. Ask for a quote to migrate your website from Wordpress to ProcessWire today.


ProcessWire's clean, simple, intuitive admin is a welcome contrast to that of Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.
The complexity of pages, posts, widgets and themes is a nightmare to understand and use in WordPress.

fixmy.pw fixes ProcessWire CMS issues  for developers and web entrepreneurs. Small fixes and large, scalable applications and company website builds, work overflows and outsourcing opportunities accepted gleefully.

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